Religent Global is a new age business that addresses the challenges associated with business globalisation innovatively. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India and has 7 market facing groups catering to different geographies. We believe that Global In-house centers (GIC) done through global sourcing is the way to go for business globalization than traditional outsourcing.

Religent undertakes business globalization as a true Managed Services engagement with committed outcome and it is primarily driven by the objective of enhancing the Ease of Doing Business. Religent brings the best of breed knowledge, global experience, tools, talent and technologies to make this happen and help global clients to stay ahead of the curve.
Religent Global is driven by the following believes. We exist for enabling global companies to reap the benefits of global sourcing.
Global sourcing “works” irrespective of the size of the companies.
Remote working is not a “rocket science” to get right, if it is given the required care and diligence
Outsourcing is NOT the answer for core business activities. Should retain control at the same time optimise through right-sourcing.
Near-shoring (e.g. eastern Europe) and far-shoring (e.g. like India) are both viable now. Right choice to be done based on the situations
Expert knowledge is a must to get maximum value and minimise risk.
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